Monday, 30 March 2015


Ok, so I thought I’d write a little bit about my recent experience Glamping. I’m sure that anyone who knows me knows that I am not really a camping girl. Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried it, got the muddy wellies and mould scented tent to prove it, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I like my own toilet and shower, as opposed to stomping across a campsite in my nightwear and a rain jacket at midnight in the rain for a wee! Saying this however I love being outdoors, I love nature and going on scenic walks hand in hand, and given every opportunity I’d eat ‘al fresco’. It is with this in mind that my other half surprised me for my recent birthday with a two-night ‘Glamping’ holiday in Northumberland (we’re we first met, awww).

He used the website canopy and stars ( A little gem of a site for anyone wanting a few nights away with a bit of a difference. We were booked into a little hut, that if I’m honest looked very sweet on the website but nothing overly amazing. How wrong I was. Once we had arrived at the remote destination in the Northumberland dark sky reserve, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Our Hut was so secluded, not overlooked and had an amazing view over grassland in a private estate.

Once inside it was truly amazing! It was cosy and warm and very romantic with all the modern amenities well thought out and provided for (including a PROPER toilet and shower). The big, comfy bed looked out over the grassland, with extra fluffy towels and blankets to keep you snug. And snug it was, a little heater kept the whole thing toasty warm as well as a log burner that’s gave it a real rustic warm feeling (and boy was it warm, so warm on the first night we had to turn the heater off!).
The hosts had thought of everything a radio, cards, dominoes as well as tea, coffee, cake and even little marshmallows for roasting on the fire!

I was in love with our cabin, and we enjoyed watching the sun go down snuggled up reading books and unwinding from our busy lives, but it wasn’t until the evening that the real magic happened (minds out of the gutter people!). Being in a dark sky reserve, light pollution is practically non-existent. When we opened the doors and stepped out into the night, you were greeted by hundreds and hundreds of stars! The kind you see in movies, where the hero and heroine share a romantic first kiss. I was completely mesmerised, Karl had to shut my mouth for me at one point to stop any insects from flying in! The pictures really do speak for themselves:

It truly was one of the most unexpected joys to stay there and was genuinely the most romantic break away I’ve ever had. It’s not something I would have chosen for myself, I am fond of nice hotels and the facilities they provide, but I’d highly recommend checking out the website as they have hundreds of different places all around the country. So if your wanting to get away with your loved one for a unique and different experience I’d give one of these places a go, and I’d highly recommend Bramble, at Hesleyside huts in Bellingham, a little holiday I’ll never forgot.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Step into Spring

Spring is upon us and the sun is  (finally) shining!

I love how it instantly lifts anyone’s mood and makes everything seem so fresh.  People smile more and it makes such a big difference to your day when those around you are happy. The perfect antitode to those winter blues.
It has inspired me to be more active again as I have been very lazy in my exercise and diet routine (cold winter nights of chocolate and mash potatoes cravings, not together obvs, that would be weird!).

I’m going to start a bit of a smoothie routine to coincide with my gym workouts to see if getting all those extra vitamins in help make me feel more alert and alive after a half 6 gym start and then a full days work, so will see how that goes.

Anyway just a quick one to say enjoy the sunshine and to get out and about, as it’ll make you feel so much better, and it’ll help blow those cobwebs away.

And just because I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady, here’s a picture of my two boys enjoying the first sunshine of spring and showing us how its done. #HelloSpring

Monday, 16 March 2015

Hello peoples of the Internet

So here goes, lets get this blogging started!

I’ve never done anything like this before, but after turning the big 3-0 (eeeeekkk!), I wanted to try doing something new and exciting and very much outside of my comfort zone and what better way of doing this then by writing down all my strange little thoughts, feelings and goings on in my little life on the internet.

I’ve always enjoyed writing from a young age, even toying with the idea of becoming a journalist in my younger days, so this was something I feel I’ll really enjoy doing.

I may not lead an exciting life by the standards of some, I’m not out partying with celebrities every night or jet setting around the world, but I do think aspects of my life may be of some interest to others. Whether it is how I deal with being a diabetic on a day-to-day basis, the trials and tribulations of being a step mum or indulging in my love of beauty. I for one always enjoy reading blogs by other people. Finding out new things to try and do, and reading how people feel when certain situations arise and how we deal with them in different ways.

So I hope you enjoy reading little snippets of my thoughts and life. Maybe you can relate to certain things, where you feel like you’re the only person that has those feelings and the reality is there are probably hundreds of people who have those feelings or thoughts. Or take inspiration from the things I have enjoyed and done and try them yourselves.

Happy reading and remember I’m still new to all this so bear with me!