Monday, 20 April 2015

Roller Skates and Birthday Parties!

Hello peoples of the internet, it was recently my lovely step-son's 7th Birthday, and we were lucky enough that it was our weekend to have the kids at the same time. It’s always great when that happens, as I know not being with the kids everyday is hard for any parent, so it's always wonderful when we get to share the special occasions.

We decided to have a little party with a few friends and their children at a place that’s opened up not far from us in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. It’s called Playworld ( and incorporates a roller disco with a soft play area. It is a fab place to take the children (and the big kids love it too!) It has a large roller rink with disco lights and a live DJ, playing lots of different music from current pop to motown to 80’s disco, so there is something for everyone. We got my step-son some roller-skates for his birthday so naturally he wanted to test them out straight away :-)

The prices are great too, it's £5.00 to skate and play per child with £2 skate hire if needed. This gets you 2 hours to skate and another hour in playworld. As the kids had their own skates, it was £24 for a family of four for a day out, which I think is a very reasonable price. We have payed for more than this for other activities we’ve done as a family. It was well worth every penny as the kids LOVED it, the atmosphere is great and the staff could not be more helpful. 

There were about 15 of us all together, and you need 10 children to book a party. So I had emailed them prior to arriving to ask if I could book a table. They did say they couldn’t book any tables but that would accommodate us when we arrived. I was a bit sceptical as I’ve been to places before who stated they would ‘accommodate you on arrival’ and been let down, but the were amazing. A large table in the corner is reserved for parties and as they didn’t have one in until later they let us have this area free of charge. It meant we could all sit together and the birthday boy could share his birthday lunch with everyone at the same table.

The food is also brilliant. They have a large, varied menu again at reasonable prices and it all appeared fresh and homemade. We all enjoyed a few milkshakes too (plus they are liscenced, so some of the dads enjoyed a celebratory beer with their lunch!)

They also do an adults only evening on the last Friday of the month, which is £15 for buffet and skate and the bar is open! I will definitely be going with our friends hopefully one month soon, I’ll post more pictures from that when I do!!

Overall, I would highly recommend if you are near or in the area as a fun activity for kids of any ages (our age range went from 4 up to 11). It was also great fun for the adults (a brilliant work out, I was knackered and my thighs felt like I’d done an hour on the rowing machine, bonus!!!)

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