Monday, 25 May 2015

Mid-Week Date!

So Karl and myself finally got a bit of time off together, so to celebrate we decided to have a date day! We have a date night when we get time, which is always nice when you work full-time and long hours but this was lovely and a great idea, even if i do say so myself :-)

We started with brunch (we weren't up and ready early enough for breakfast!) We went to Angelicas, which is located in the Trinity centre in Leeds. It is on the very top floor with great views over Leeds. You get to it via a lift near the back of the trinity that is almost hidden, which makes it feel very special. It was lovely and quiet at 10.30 on a Monday morning, and all the staff were very attentive. The restaurant has a very relaxed yet luxurious ambiance about it. Karl went for the full english and I had poached eggs on toast - yummy. The coffee was fab also. It was the perfect start to our date day!

Once suitably full, we decided to have a bit of retail therapy. I managed not to splurge having only just bought a new hand bag last week. I did pick up a few bits for my holiday though. A gorgeous pair of Ipanema flip flops from TK Maxx. I love iPanema flip flops as they are cute yet functional and these ones were just too cute to pass up.

I also purchased this gorgeous kimono from H&M. Its from the Coachella collection and I thought I could channel my inner boho on the beach, plus I thought it would also be nice on a summer evening with jeans and flip flops.

When shopping, sustenance is needed, so I indulged in my favourite treat, frozen yoghurt. I went to Yoghies which is in the Core Shopping Centre in the city. I went for the chocolate flavour (naturally!) with strawberries and it was really, really good! I could eat it again right now....

Finishing our date day off with a trip to the Everyman cinema - also located in the Trinity centre. We went to see Mad Max: Fury Road. It isn't a film I would necessarily choose to see but Karl really wanted to see it - and it stars Tom Hardy, so I didn't mind too much :-) The Everyman is a brilliant cinema, a very different experience to most conventional cinemas. The seats are two seat sofas which are super comfy, with pillows and a foot rest. It is almost like watching it at home, and enables you to snuggle in and get comfy. Plus you get to order food and they deliver it to your seat!! This was a winner for me. We ordered a pulled pork pizza, which was freshly made in the big pizza oven and was very tasty indeed. It was a definite winner with me and Karl and we will be back again soon. I would highly recommend it as a special date location.

Anyway, that was our date day done with. We both had a really nice day and enjoyed spending some time together out and about during the week. I'll definitely be booking some annual leave to do it again soon!

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