Sunday, 14 June 2015

Afternoon Tea

This week I went for a little shopping trip with my Mum. I love spending time with my mum and like to treat her as she is amazing and has spent all her life doing things for other people (she was a nurse for 40 years!) I booked a trip with Travelbird. They are a fab website for anyone wanting to book deals from anything to days out with the kids to holidays abroad. The deal I chose was a night in Manchester at the Pendulum hotel, which included a nights accommodation with evening meal and breakfast for £70 for two people, a bargain in my eyes! The staff were excellent and the food was really nice.

I decided that I wanted to treat her to our favourite past-time - afternoon tea! After much deliberation I went for the Midlands Hotel. There Midland Royale afternoon tea includes a Midland Royale which consists of champagne, Mr Coopers private blend tea and Vimto!

We arrived early and with no hesitation they showed us to our table. The tables are set in the atrium of the hotel and a lovely setting with big ceiling and huge chandeliers. The hotel still has that old fashioned glamour feel to it but with a modern twist.

The staff were wonderful, so attentive and willing to answer any questions we had about any aspect of the afternoon tea. We were served complimentary madeira to start, which was very tasty. I am not a big port fan, but this was lovely.

The tables were set out very well, with white table cloths and white tea cups and saucers, traditional but very effective given the very opulent setting.

I went for the Earl Grey tea, as I love this as a treat and always have this with afternoon tea. It was a lovely blend not too subtle or strong. Then the fun began when they brought the food! It looked fabulous set on what can only be described as a miniature habitat style shelving unit, that sat at either end of the tables allowing us to see each other without having to talk round a traditional afternoon tea caddy. The Midland Royale was also very tasty, a bit of a difference compared to the classic Kir Royale which it is based on, but definitely a winner with me.

All the food was exquisite, great flavours. The scones are always a highlight for me and these were brought fresh and warm from the oven. My absolute favourite was the chocolate orange opera cake, it was AMAZING! Very decadent and so tasty!! The only let down was the Vimto jelly - they looked lovely and vibrant sat on the table, but if I'm honest were a bit bland! A bit of a disappointment as this was something a bit different for an afternoon tea, but everything else was lovely. We were absolutely stuffed afterwards, and the staff made no attempt to bustle us out, letting us stay and drink a few more cups of tea with no complaints.

Overall it was a lovely experience and one of the nicest afternoon teas I've had, in a very beautiful building and relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend it, if your in Manchester and fancy a bit of a treat! At £21.95 each, I think was a great price for what you get and the quality of everything.

Better go and get back to the gym now to work off all those extra calories! It was well worth it though.

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