Monday, 22 June 2015

London Tea Club

I am going through a phase of loving tea at the moment, especially fruit and flavoured teas. I am a massive coffee addict, so wanted to try something new and fresh to keep my love of alive. I was searching through the internet for beauty subscription boxes (a favourite pastime of mine, ha ha) and came across a subscription service called the 'London Tea Club' completely by chance. I decided to give it a go for £10 a month including postage and no subscription - thought it would be fun.

It arrived last week in a little package that fits nicely through the letter box (love this as HATE having to venture out to the post office on my days off!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely way it is set out. You get 3 teas to try and when you sign up they ask you your preference in tea types, presumably to personalise the box more (although I can't be sure of this as no idea what any one else received as it is not commonly posted online). Each tea comes lose leaf in a cute test tube, which allows for around 3-4 cups of tea from each. Drawstring filters are also included which mean you can brew the tea easily on the go without having to use a tea infuser, a fact I loved as wanted to take them to work and be easy and quick to make.

The three teas I received were 'Iron Goddess of Mercy' (love the name!), 'Apricot Peach' and 'Chocolate Mint Rooibos'. You receive a little card that gives you a brief description about the tea, how best to brew and even some tips on how best to enjoy it! I loved this, it was very simple but done very well. You also receive a little drawstring pouch which allows for easy transport of all the teas and drawstring filters. Great branding London Tea Club!

Now for the teas: The Iron Goddess of Mercy was my least favourite of the 3. It has quite an earthy taste that I didn't really enjoy. I also needed to make it quite strong to get any real flavour and by then the taste had become over powering. Not really my cup to tea - no pun intended, ha.

The Apricot Peach was lovely. A great fruit tea, perfect for the summer months. It had a great flavour, you could really taste the peach and the apricot, as well as a hint of papaya. I also brewed this and had it over ice in the sunshine, which was really nice. I would definitely repurchase this through the website.

The final tea was my favourite: Chocolate Mint Rooibos. I love mint teas and am a big fan of peppermint tea to start the day, especially in the summer. This had a lovely minty taste but combined with the decadent taste of chocolate was gorgeous! I tried it with a splash of milk aswell and it was like having a dessert in a cup, great for sweet cravings without the calories. Bonus!

Overall, I was really impressed with my box. The tea was great quality and allowed me to try new things without having left over tea when i'm not too keen. The option to purchase the teas through the website is also great. I would recommend this subscription service to any tea lovers out they're who are fancying trying something new or even for those who are not big tea drinkers but fancy trying some. I can't wait for next months box to see what tasty tea is in store for me :-)

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