Monday, 1 June 2015

Top 3 Products in May

It's that time again, another month over - can't quite believe its June! I'm sure I say that every month but they just seem to go by so quickly! :-)

So here's my top 3 product for the month of May!

I have been away for a much needed holiday and did a bit of travelling around for work, so the products I've choose represent that, as my skin really does not travel well!

The first product is the Elizabeth Ardens Eight hour cream nourishing lip balm.

Like I said I did a fair bit or travelling and I always get really dry lips, so I picked this up in duty free. Chosen because it as it has SPF 20 and knew I was going to be in the sunshine, so I thought it would be best to stop my lips getting burnt or dried out with the sun exposure. I haven't used the 8 hour cream before but have heard great things, so decided to try it out (and, as I was in a rush and it was the first product I recognised when looking for lip balm!). I'm glad I did, I really like the formula, it is a bit sticky and leaves a sheen, so if you don't like that in a lip balm, this product is probably not for you. I found it really nourishing though and my lips stayed hydrated all holiday and beyond. Plus they didn't get burned - unlike the rest of me sadly, but that's what you get with pale Yorkshire/Irish skin and 30 degree heat! I have used this everyday since, and although it isn't cheap, it is definitely worth the price for those who struggle with chapped, dry lips. It also look really nice over a few-hour-old lipstick to give it a bit of a glossy boost without reapplying. A winner with me!

Next up, is the Origins drink-up intensive overnight mask.

Again my skin really does dry out very easily, so whilst in duty free I also grabbed this - hoping that it would help. It is a nice thick formula and i really loved the smell. It applies easily and you don't need a lot. Going on smoothly without pulling the skin and leaves it feeing lovely and hydrated with no dry, stretchy feeling some moisturisers leave. I used it every night on holiday and every morning my skin had a lovely glow. Since I came back I have used it a couple of times a week to give my skin a boost and I can definitely tell the times I use it from the times I don't. This isn't a cheap product but used sparingly will last a long time (mine has still got loads left and I've used it all month!) I will definitely be trying out some more origins products after using this.

Finally I want to talk about the L'oreal false lash wings waterproof mascara.

I am not normally a big fan of waterproof mascara's as I find they don't keep a curl in the same way as none-waterproof mascaras and my lashes are pretty straight and long - so need a curl to keep my eyes more defined. On holiday though a waterproof mascara is essential to prevent panda eyes when in and out of the pool and sea. I didn't wear much make-up during the holiday as like to let my skin have that rest and give it a bit of vitamin D, something we lack in Yorkshire :-) I do however like to wear a mascara, for a curl to keep them out of my eyes! I picked this up in duty free as a last minute purchase as I had forgotten to pick up my normal choice, which is the Urban Decay: Cannonball (which is fab also, if you fancy a higher end waterproof mascara!) I was really impressed, the brush is very thick but tapered which allows for a good even coverage and gives you that cat eye effect easily. It is also amazingly waterproof, I am a water baby on holiday as I can't sunbathe for too long, so was in and out of the water repeatedly with no budging. It also kept a pretty good curl too. So if you fancy a not too expensive choice for waterproof mascara for your upcoming summer holiday, give this a whirl.

Thats it for May. June is a bit of a quieter month for me, so I best get on the look out for more products to try, always a pleasure never a chore :-)

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