Sunday, 5 July 2015

Keds for Kate Spade: Mini Review

Just a quick mini review this week, as sadly I have been so busy with work and family life that I have done very little else this past week, but hoping to get an injection of summer fun soon!

So, I wanted to review a little purchase I made the other week. I've been looking for a new pair of summer pumps for a little while now, but I am very picky when it comes to shoes. I like style but I definitely like to be comfortable more! I purchased a pair of Converse ballerina pumps a month or so ago but they just didn't fit quite right, so I returned them and kept looking.

I recieved a cheeky little email from Kate Spade a few weeks ago letting me know that their summer sale was about to begin and that I could have a little early preview and I thought - it would be rude not to: -) I do love Kate Spade. The designs and patterns may be a bit ditzy and kitsch for some but I absolutely adore them, especially their spring/summer designs.

I saw these little beauty's when I was in London in the Convent Garden store back in May. I loved them when I saw them, but having made a few big purchases decided to restrain myself! A decision I regretted until now!  They were in the sale, and I found them in my bag before I even knew what was happening (or that's the story I am sticking too). However when they arrived they were the wrong size! I sent them back and re-ordered and found in the interim they had been reduced again to £32! What a bargain, a twist of fate if you ask me. Anyway, I recieved my new pair very quickly but again they we the wrong size! I rang the customer service line and I have to say they were very helpful and looked into it and found that there was a problem with the sizing on the website. The customer service I recieved was excellent, and I asked for the response via e-mail as I was in work and couldn't take calls. They were fast to respond and extremely helpful! I had to return the wrong pair again and wait a day or so until the problem was resolved on the website, then very promptly recieved the correct size, woop woop! I just wanted to say that the customer service I recieved was excellent, well done Kate Spade!

Anyway, back to the shoes. I love the ladybird design, it is so me, with the classic Kate Spade logo on the heel, I just think they are so cute. Plus you get white and pink laces so you can switch them about a bit. I have had Keds in the past and find them very comfortable, but I would recommend going down a size as they do seem to come up a little bigger fitting then other brands. I purchased the smaller size and the fit is excellent and extremely comfortable, and I've worn them loads since I got them. I can tell already they are going to be my go-to casual shoes all summer! I like to wear them with my skinny jeans and tee shirt for a very casual feel but with the warmer weather recently I've been wearing them with casual day dresses and loving the combination. I love the fact they are so versatile. Heres a few pictures to give you a good all round idea of the style and fit.

I think they were a great price and more than worth the £32 I paid for them. The sale itself was excellent and I'm still debating over making a few more cheeky purchases while it is still on, check it out here and grab some bargains while you can.

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