Thursday, 8 October 2015

Top 3 Products for September

It's that time again, another month gone! This year is going to be over before we know it!

I do love Autumn, leaves turning golden brown and crisp (but cold!) days. Plus I adore Autumn fashion - skirts, tights, boots and cosy jumpers before winter kicks in and it's the less flattering array of thick thermals!

It's been a busy month work wise again, but I have managed to try a few new products and have my top 3 to share with you.

TRESemmé Expert Selection runway collection 'Get Sleek' Hairspray

As I mentioned in my last blog (check it out here:, I have been trying a new hairspray this month. I have been converted! It is a truly fabulous hairspray. Holds a style brilliantly but is soft to touch and brushes out easily. The nozzle is slightly different to most hairsprays and acts more like an aerosol deodorant in application, which means you get a more even distribution of product. I would highly recommend trying this product. It's still on offer at Boots, with 3 TRESemm√© product for £9. I may have to stock up as this is a great deal as it retails around £5.99!

Cheeky freeze frame make-up setting spray

I got this on a whim when I was making, one of my frequent, ASOS orders. I haven't used a setting spray in a while and I've never heard of this brand before so thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm glad I did. It is a brilliant little product. Having the same consistency of most, more expensive setting sprays, and gives a light mist without drenching your face. On the days I use this (I sometimes forget as I do my makeup at 6.30am most days!) I really notice how much longer my makeup seems to last. This is excellent for me as I can work 12 hour days and like my makeup to have some staying power and this certainly seems to give it an extra boost. I would recommend giving it a try as I found it to be just as good as the Urban Decay setting sprays - sadly it's no longer available to purchase on it's own from ASOS but they do some great sets where it's included. I also may have to try out a few more from the 'Cheeky' range as they are relatively inexpensive and I really like the minimal but cool looking packaging.

Revlon colorburst lip butter in Sugar Plum

This is a re-discovery from last Autumn. I love deep plum lips during these months, but due to work, find that a very bright or deep colour can be a bit much for my everyday look, but I still like to enjoy a darker lip. These Revlon lip butters are amazing! The consistency is so soft and comfortable on the lips, plus you get just the right amount of colour and sheerness, so that it doesn't appear over the top. This colour is the perfect Autumn plum shade, I have a number of lipsticks from the range, but this is by far my favourite - I am so glad I pulled it out of my collection as it's, quite literally, put a big smile on my face. I have also found them on offer at Boots, 3 for the price of 2. I may have to see what new colours they have introduced..... ;-)

Well, that's my top products for another month. Hope you have a great week.

Rachel x

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