Wednesday, 14 October 2015

YouTubers Special: New Make-up Mini Haul

I am an avid YouTube watcher. I can easily spend an evening getting lost in the world of blogs, make-up videos, fashion (and of course funny cat videos!). I have been a huge lover of the 'Beauty Gurus' on Youtube and have been subscribed to a lot of them for many years. Two of my favourites are Tanya Burr and Fleur de Force. I have been a fan for years and have used there advice and tips on many occasions. So I was excited when they both had new launches this month of there beauty lines and picked up 3 things from FeelUnique to try.

I have purchased a few of the Lip Glosses and eyelashes for the Tanya Burr line in the past and loved them, but I was most excited to get my hands on her new cheek palettes. They incorporate a bronzer, blush and highlight. I had a similar palette from Nars which I purchased a few years ago and loved so much, but sadly I hit pan on all the products and it went to the great beauty heaven in the sky :-(. I have struggled since to find any similar palette that I like as much. I have bronzers, blushes and highlight separately that I enjoy using but I loved the ease of having everything in one palette. Anyway, ramble over! This Tanya Burr Rosy Flush cheek palette reminds me a lot of my old Nars one and I had to give it a go. I adore it! The colour pay of is amazing on all the products, a little goes along way. The bronzer is perfect on my skin tone, not too muddy or orange and its only got a slight shimmer which I much prefer. The blush is a lovely peach colour (similar to Nars Orgasm) and the highlight is delicate with very fine milled shimmer as opposed to great big piece of glitter you often find in cheaper products. Its a thumbs up from me so far, and at £8 its a complete bargain! I am sure it will sell out fast, so grab it here while you can at FeelUnique.

Fleur de Force is probably my favourite YouTuber to watch. I love her style and her vlogs. She likes similar styles and make-up to me and I often purchase things she has recommended and am rarely disappointed. I was very excited to try her new lip glosses and the eyelash line she has collaborated with Eyelure on.

I chose the colour 'Starry Night'. It is a beautiful plum colour which is perfect for the Autumn. I adore it. The colour payoff is amazing, its not too sticky but gives an amazing shine and is really comfortable to wear. I have had so many compliments from people when I wear it, and have recommended them to a lot of people to try. I have already place another order for a few more colours as I think they are that good and at £6.99 they are very affordably priced. There are lots of other great looking things in her line, have a look here.

I also purchased the eyelashes in the style 'Fleur loves lashes'. They are half lash false eyelashes, which I much prefer, not only because they are easier to apply (I am terrible at applying false eyelashes, it takes me ages!) but I also much prefer the more subtle yet pretty look that is achieved. These lashes are fabulous, they are light and the band is very thin and makes them look even more natural when applied. They also feel great quality and are competitively priced at £5.25. These are my new go to false lashes and I have already stock piled ready for the upcoming christmas party season!

Thats my little mini review and haul. Hope you enjoyed it! Till next time.

Rachel x

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