A little bit about me

I am a 30-year-old Yorkshire Lass writing about my life. I work for the NHS. Live in Yorkshire with my partner Karl and our two cats Moby and Khan. I am also a step mum to Karl’s two children.

Outside of work I enjoy everything beauty. I’ve watched You-Tube videos for years and enjoy trying out new things from skincare to nails to make-up. I have more products than underwear! I am also a type one diabetic, so my life involves constant insulin injections and monitoring, so I’m always interested in diet and health (even if I do like the odd chocolate…or two…ok a whole box!).

People always tell me I think and talk too much, so I hope you enjoy my inner monologue as I purge my thoughts on the everyday Life-of-Reilly (that’s me) in my blogs (and save Karl and my work colleagues poor ears).